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Best Hair Loss Treatment in Hyderabad

hair loss treatment

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Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement treatment in hyderabad

Breast Enlargement Treatment in Hyderabad

Feeling womanly, now a days , includes the correct shaped and placed breast also, which can improve the self esteem and confidence. The field of breast enlargement and enhancement have come a long way over the years. Today it has become one of the most important thing in the field of beauty and personality.

Breasts can start to droop at any age as they do NOT have muscles in them. They have ligaments and connective tissue.  When the gravity acts, these will get stretched , making breast droop.

Breast enlargement treatment in hyderabad


There are many reasons why a woman is going for this concern.  The reasons may be varying from person to person.

-The size of the breast will be genetically defined to be small, so that even if the lady is fat, the breast size will be small.

– The slim nature of the body .

-Significant loss of weight will lead to decrease in cup size and loss of elasticity also.

– Breast involution:- Post Pregnancy,  Breast feeding  and Menopause will lead to shrinking of milk making system, which leads to loss of skin elasticity and size giving an empty and sagged look.

-Aging also causes loose skin and sagging.

Those women who do not want to undergo implants and surgery, the treatment with autologus stem cells from fat tissues offers a very safe and effective method to improve their look and attractiveness.

The process goes by extracting the stem cells from patient’s own fat tissues and then re injecting them back to her own breast.  After Harvesting the fat cells  the stem cells are extracted and activated .

The stem cells are then concentrated with the fat, and/or PRP growth factors, and/or Hyaluronic acid scaffoding matrix and re-injected into the breast to enlargement under local anesthesia.

This will result in blood vessel growth and enriches the injected fat cells to enlarge the breast.

This  results enlarged breasts, by 1 or 2 extra cup size, that are very natural in appearance and feel without the complications associated with implants.

This procedure will not interfere with future Mammograms or breastfeeding. The technique does not require general anesthesia, typically requires only 48 hour recovery period and leaves permanent result.Breast enlargement treatment in hyderabad

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