Best hair loss treatment in hyderabad

Hair Loss Treatment

Best Hair Loss Treatment in Hyderabad

hair loss treatment

hair loss treatment:One of the most feared...

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Skin & Face

prp for skin and face

prp for skin and face

prp for skin and face,Aging of human skin results from a...


Chronic Wounds Healing

Best Wound Healing Center in Hyderabad,india

chronic wounds healing

chronic wounds healing,The  norm...

Leg & Back Pain Treatment in Hyderabad,india

Joint Damage

Best Rheumatologist in Hyderabad for Leg pain Relief and Joint Damage and Sports Injury

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PRP Lysate Training


PRP Lysate

prp lysate training

prp lysate training:PRP Lysate is a fast growing medical therapy  for the treatment of many diseases and helps in retaining health and youth. The treatment can change the life and  future of many suffering people. It can be used for reversing the aging of the skin making the degeneration slow and regeneration fast .

PRP Lysate  is an array of planned researches and experiments, fashioned to invent solutions for the new challenges arising in the in the field of medicine and diseases.

For more than a decade, platelet rich plasma (PRP) has been used by medical professionals. To create PRP, a small amount of blood from the patient  is withdrawn and put it on a centrifuge to concentrate it. Then that concentrate is injected into the required  area on the patient’s body , after adding growth factor activators and appropriate local anesthetic.

The team is provided with an ‘art lab’, which is committed towards new studies and observations by a group of medical experts, with advanced technology, to pave the exit way for diseases from mankind. The research and its experiments are  always according to the highest international bioethics standards. It  offers the answers and reply with transparency, honesty and highest quality.


We provide knowledge of PRP Lysate with international standards of training to all the professionals who are interested in learning and taking new challenges for the well being of life and health . Our task is to make the world younger and healthier. Whoever  believes that they can hold this responsibility, can join our mission and make it easy for the world to come  more younger and energetic.

The training will be included of  theory and practical sessions with their ultimate perfection and explanations. We will provide you with “The PRP Kit” and Booklets for the references. After the complete and successful finishing of the training, we will provide you the Certificate also, for the same.